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Tranquil Touch Massages

Unwind and Rejuvenate – Your Sanctuary for Serenity

  • 2 hr
  • Starting From 3000
  • Lavington|Mombasa Road

Service Description

Title: "Swedish Serenity - A Gateway to Relaxation" Description: "Experience the soothing touch of our Swedish Serenity massage. Designed to relax your muscles and ease tension, this classic massage technique offers a gentle yet effective pathway to tranquility. Perfect for first-timers and those seeking a peaceful escape from the daily hustle." b. Deep Tissue Massage: Title: "Deep Harmony - Intensive Relief for Your Muscles" Description: "Delve into a deeper sense of relief with our Deep Harmony massage. Targeting the inner layers of your muscles, this massage is ideal for chronic pain, tightness, and muscle recovery. It’s not just a massage; it’s a rejuvenating journey for your body." c. Aromatherapy Massage: Title: "Aromatic Bliss - Engage Your Senses" Description: "Elevate your massage experience with our Aromatic Bliss. Combining the art of aromatherapy with soothing massage techniques, this service promises a multisensory journey. Let the therapeutic aromas and expert touch transport you to a world of relaxation." d. Hot Stone Massage: Title: "Stone Soothe - Warmth and Wellness Combined" Description: "Discover the grounding power of our Stone Soothe massage. Warm stones glide over your body, providing heat that soothes muscle stiffness and stress. It’s more than a massage; it’s a warm embrace for your body and soul." e. Reflexology: Title: "Reflex Revive - A Step Towards Balance" Description: "Embark on a healing journey with Reflex Revive. This specialized massage focuses on specific reflex points in your feet, aligning your body’s energy and promoting overall wellness. It’s not just a foot massage; it’s a step towards holistic balance."

Contact Details

  • Nairobi Jaffery Sports Club, Naushad Merali Drive, Nairobi, Kenya


  • Greenpark Estate, Mombasa Road, Athi River, Kenya


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