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A word from the Prini team

Meet the Prini Team: Your Partners in Innovation

Behind Every Success, There's Our Team:

  • Diverse Expertise, United Passion: Our team is a tapestry of skills and experiences, all dedicated to turning your ideas into reality.

  • Collaboration at Its Core: We believe in the power of teamwork, both within our ranks and in partnership with you, our valued client.

Our Spaces

Prini Hair Studio

Family-Friendly Salon, Barbershop & Spa at Arcadia Mall, Greenpark Estate - Athiriver, Machakos County

Welcome to Your Oasis of Relaxation and Style in Athiriver!


Innovative EdTech & STEM Spaces for Kids in Nairobi - Smart Daycare and STEM Hub in Lavington

Empowering Young Minds at Prini Group

Explore the World of STEM in Nairobi:

  • EdTech and STEM Maker Spaces: Our centers, located in schools and communities across Nairobi, offer dynamic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) maker spaces designed to inspire and educate.

  • Smart Daycare and STEM Hub in Lavington: Situated opposite Jeffrey's Sports Centre, Lavington, our facility is not just a daycare but a hub of STEM learning.

Hairdresser Tools

Prini Executive Barbershop

Executive Barbershop Experience at Arcadia Mall, Greenpark Estate - Athiriver, Machakos County

Welcome to the Pinnacle of Grooming Excellence in Athiriver

Prini Online STEAME experiences

Prini Organics - Premium Personal Care Products Delivered Anywhere in Kenya

Embrace Natural Beauty with Prini Organics in Nairobi

Your One-Stop Shop for Organic Personal Care:

  • Locally Sourced, Globally Loved: At Prini Organics, we take pride in our 'Buy Kenya, Build Kenya' philosophy. Our range of personal care products is crafted with the finest organic ingredients, celebrating the richness of Kenyan nature.

  • Delivered to Your Doorstep: Whether you're in Nairobi or anywhere across Kenya, our commitment is to bring Prini Organics to you. Convenience meets quality in every delivery.

Prini Kids Spa

Fun-Filled Kids Salon, Spa & Barbershop in Lavington, Nairobi

Welcome to a World of Fun and Style for Kids at Prini Group

Where Little Ones Love to Be:

  • A Haven for Kids: Located in the heart of Lavington, Gitanga Road, Nairobi, our kids-oriented salon, spa, and barbershop is designed to make grooming fun and exciting for children

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